Efficient leadership

A “+ / +” leadership fosters adaptability, creativity and productivity.

If we want agile, adaptable and efficient companies, we have to implement at the human level a leadership that fosters: motivation, involvement, adaptation, autonomy and development… 

This does not happen through a few courses, a few “training pills”, a coaching to some managers… they are not enough. It implies the implementation of a company culture that favours this dynamic.  

It’s not enough to say it, it must be implemented in a real, concrete way.  

New leadership styles require new levers of communication.

We accompany you in this process of change.A  “+ / +” leadership fosters  adaptability, creativity and productivity.

Partners’ relational agreement

“The fish rots from the head”. The relational quality between business partners is fundamental.

Conflicts between partners slow down and limit the results of many companies and are one of the main causes of startup failures. 

What can be a reason for conflicts? Objectives that are not achieved, different visions of the business, day-to-day stress, lack of money, the personal situation of each partner, etc.

“The fish rots from the head”. The relational quality between business partners is critical to an organization performance.  And usually partners only determine how the shares are to be distributed, how decisions are to be made, etc.  Nothing is mentioned about the relationship dimension. 

It is when we get along that it is possible to co-construct the rules of the game that we will want to apply when there are disagreements or crisis. 

A relationship between partners is in certain aspects like a couple’s relationship: at the beginning is the illusion of the start, the launch, the adventure… we only see the positive, we adapt to many situations, we value what makes us different because it is complementary… and adversity, moments of tension can create a gap, push us apart and/or divide us. 

Let’s build the conditions in order to be able to manage it!

Gender equity

There are many factors external to the company that come into play in a woman’s career.

Our conviction is that, if we want men and women to be able to co-construct gender equity, and the inclusion of women in companies, we have to take into account the specificities of women. 

Therefore, we have to adopt a systemic approach integrating what happens at work, at home and in the family and social environment. This is what we do in our accompaniment program for women. 

Approaching the subject solely from the female leadership approach seems to us to be very limited. There are many factors outside the company that come into play in a woman’s career. 

In parallel to the program developed to accompany women, we have a podcast with interviews with inspiring personal and professional female trajectories.









Couple relationships

Fostering a “+ / +” attitude has implications in all spheres of life, both personal and professional.

The world of business and the world of families are very interconnected, there are many zones of permeability. What happens at work affects what happens at home and vice versa. 

Just to mention a few examples:

  • The majority of women in senior corporate positions cite the importance in their career of having a “team relationship” with their partners.
  • Couples who are partners or simply collaborate in the same company cannot separate the professional and the personal. 
  • Etc.

Adopting a “+ / +” position of mutual respect has implications in all spheres of life. This is why it seems to us very pertinent to intervene at the level of both companies and couples.  

Fostering positive, constructive and respectful relationships between couples seems to us to be an essential lever to generate changes in today’s and tomorrow’s society.  

Let’s talk to co-construct your solution!

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